Easy Car Insurance Discounts – How Can You Save Money

car insurance discountsIf you are like most drivers, after your rent or mortgage and car payment are made, your next list of major expenses each month is for insurance. Practically every location has financial responsibility laws that require drivers carry car insurance.

The good news is that carriers issuing these policies offer discounts for which you may qualify. These discounts can lower the cost of auto insurance considerably.

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High-Risk Drivers Insured by TAIPA Get Hit with Rate Increases

Do you currently have a policy with the Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association (TAIPA)? High risk policyholders insured under the state program are paying higher rates as of July 1st, as changes take effect.

Drivers in the high risk pool find that there are many barriers to them getting insured. They have to pay higher rates, and that’s if they’re lucky. Some insurance companies choose to simply not insure these individuals at all. Sometimes it can mean the difference between being insured or buying groceries. High risk drivers sometimes determine that insurance is not worth it, and join the ranks of the uninsured.
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