Can You Still Have Cheap Car Insurance if you’re Married to a Bad Driver?

married to a bad driverMost of the time, married individuals are considered a lower risk than a single person. In addition, it is often less expensive to insure two vehicles on one policy rather than two individual policies. However, if a new spouse has a lot of tickets, accidents or insurance claims, it is likely to increase the cost of covering your vehicles if you ask a company to write the policies together.

If two individuals who both have clean records get married they might save as much as $900-1,000 every year on coverage. However, if one has a less than stellar record, the savings quickly disappear. If the new spouse has a major violation, such as a DUI, the other party may lose his or her preferred status, causing the cost to increase even more. Only a few companies offer affordable coverage to high-risk drivers.

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How Much Did That Last Ticket Actually Cost You?

How much did your last speeding ticket cost you? Everybody is aware that a ticket will increase their car insurance rates, but not many drivers know what the exact amount of the increase will be until it takes place.’s “Uh-Oh! Calculator” lets people know the auto insurance percentage increase for 14 different violations.

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