How Much Did That Last Ticket Actually Cost You?

How much did your last speeding ticket cost you? Everybody is aware that a ticket will increase their car insurance rates, but not many drivers know what the exact amount of the increase will be until it takes place.’s “Uh-Oh! Calculator” lets people know the auto insurance percentage increase for 14 different violations.

The unique online tool reveals that reckless driving results in the greatest insurance increase. The average rate increase for reckless driving is 22%. Drivers who are caught without their seat belt can expect a slight 3% increase. The following percentages are based on analysis of nearly half a million auto insurance quotes. Here is the increase that drivers can expect to receive after they get a ticket:

Traffic Violation % Increase
Failure to Yield  9%
Failure to Stop 15%
Improper Turn  14%
Careless Driving  16%
Reckless Driving  22%
Improper Passing  14%
DUI First Offense  19%
Seat Belt Infractions  3%
Driving Without Car Insurance  6%
Following Too Close (Tailgating)  13%
Speeding 30 mph over Speed Limit  15%
Speeding 1-14 mph over Speed Limit  11%
Speeding 15-29 mph over Speed Limit  12%
Driving without a Driver’s License or Permit  18%

All drivers make mistakes now and then and those mistakes, no matter how minor cost them dearly. Now drivers who receive a ticket can go online to find out how the violation will affect their insurance rate when the policy is renewed. Thanks to the “Uh-Oh! Calculator” people do not have to wait for their insurance renewal to find out their new insurance rate. This reduces stress and allows drivers to prepare for upcoming insurance rate changes.

People who use the “Uh-Oh! Calculator” can receive results that are more specific when they enter in their age, marital status, type of residence, state and the amount of time they have been with their insurance company. People can also find out how many points are associated with different infractions as well as other state law penalties. Drivers can find a terrific selection of articles on car insurance rate increases on the website.

Between January 2009 and January 2011 analyzed over 490,000 online auto insurance quotes. This website (among others) analyzes the quotes that have been provided to drivers for the 14 most common driving infractions and compares them to insurance quotes offered to drivers who do not have any violations. The site uses a model to make estimations based on personal attributes such as age, marital status, etc. This ranking does not include all possible violations. The insurance rates shown are averages; each person’s car insurance rate is based on personal factors.

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