Easy Car Insurance Discounts – How Can You Save Money

car insurance discountsIf you are like most drivers, after your rent or mortgage and car payment are made, your next list of major expenses each month is for insurance. Practically every location has financial responsibility laws that require drivers carry car insurance.

The good news is that carriers issuing these policies offer discounts for which you may qualify. These discounts can lower the cost of auto insurance considerably.

Here are a few for which you could qualify.

  • Driver’s education has been shown effective at lowering the number of accidents for new drivers. If there is a teen driver listed on your car insurance policy who has completed a driver’s education class, the cost of coverage for the teen can be reduced. You may need to present documentation from the student’s school or the private driving school showing that the student has completed the course.
  • Most insurance companies reward good behavior behind the wheel. If a driver has not had an accident or ticket in more than three years you may be able to move from a high risk policy to a standard one for better rates. If you already have a standard policy and continue to have a good driving record, you may qualify for a preferred risk policy, which offers the best rate schedules available.
  • GPS devices can make a difference in your auto insurance rates. Many carriers offer a GPS device that is plugged into the vehicle to track your driving behavior. If you are not on the streets in the middle of the night and follow the posted speed limits, the company rewards the lower risk driving behaviors with a better rate for coverage.
  • Today, vehicles offer many safety features that are designed for protection of the vehicle, driver and passengers. Car insurance companies offer a discount for vehicle with anti-theft devices, enhanced air bags, or anti-lock brakes. Discounts are available because such features reduce the likelihood of a payout from the company in the event of theft or accident.
  • Many auto insurance companies know that if a driver shops hard enough, he or she is often able to find a company that offers a lower rate. To keep drivers from switching to lower the cost of coverage, most offer a driver loyalty discount. Sometimes the discount increases every time the policy renews. Insuring all your vehicles through the same company can result in a discount on the cost of coverage for each vehicle.
  • Drivers who are in school and have above a “B” average may qualify for a good student discount. Those serving in the military may qualify for better car insurance rates. Members of clubs, such as AARP and employees of certain companies may qualify for an affiliation discount on their auto insurance.
  • Auto insurance discounts can reduce the amount of money spent to cover the car. While car insurance is required to operate a vehicle, it is possible for most drivers to find affordable rates. Always ask the agent about available discounts when asking for a quote.

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