Helps Spread “I Share The Road” Message

auto insurance ez supports i share the road campaign has joined the “I Share the Road” campaign that aims to improve cooperation between motorists and cyclists who use the same roadways by sponsoring a sticker campaign to help spread the message.

The has made a donation to cover the cost of the “I Share The Road” stickers and will be giving out free stickers at events throughout the area. The campaign is designed to send a positive message to motorists and bicyclists that they can share the road in harmony.

The intent of the stickers is to foster a climate of cooperation and mutual respect in sharing the roads. After all, many drivers also ride bicycles at times, and many cyclists also drive automobiles. Cyclists and drivers must share the roads, especially in places where there are no bicycle lanes.

Cycling is often promoted as a way to relieve urban congestion and improve health. Cycling provides many benefits to the riders and to the rest of society. Taking a bicycle instead of a car will help to lower pollution and vehicle emissions, and can help create better air quality. Cycling is a great way to get physical exercise and it can be an effective way to relieve stress. Taking a bicycle costs much less than driving a car and it will help the environment.

The “I Share the Road” campaign has two objectives. The first objective is to increase the safety of cyclists by reducing animosity between motorists and bicyclists. The second is to create a climate of respect among motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. The “I Share the Road” stickers will be made available to all cycle shops, targeted businesses, and any other individuals or parties requesting the stickers. As the stickers become more widely available, awareness of the issue will rise with cyclists and drivers. hopes the campaign will create safer road practices for motorists and cyclists alike. If more people are to adopt the habit of cycling, motorists need to be willing to share the roadways with them. In some areas, people are reluctant to cycle because they worry it can be too dangerous to share the roads with motor vehicles. Cyclists also fear being harassed by drivers when they are moving slower than the rest of the traffic. believes this type of campaign can help both the drivers and the cyclists to have a more cooperative attitude towards each other. Increased cooperation and respect will lead to better use of roadways and may contribute to improved road safety.

The ‘i share the road’ sticker campaign launched in October 2011 to allow people to voice their support for sharing the road between people in cars and people on bicycles. More than 16,000 stickers have now been mailed around the world to promote this positive message. The stickers come in two sizes and can be ordered online for a small international postage fee at

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