West Virginia to Get Progressive’s Snapshot Program

West Virginia drivers who have Progressive Insurance as a carrier could see a reduction in their insurance rates. Progressive’s popular Snapshot has saved drivers on car insurance, and now it comes to West Virginia.

What is Snapshot? It is essentially a program that Progressive offers that tracks driving behaviors. The less risky a given driver poses to insure, the more savings he or she will see on their monthly insurance premium. It can track a variety of things ranging from how often a driver slams on the brakes to how much a driver actually drives.

This would benefit drivers who commute to work through other means, perhaps being relatively close to work or having a great public transit system in their area. Those who use their car less, naturally, are at less risk to be in a car accident.

According to Progressive, “With Snapshot, customers can save up to 30 percent on their car insurance based on their driving habits. Drivers currently enrolled in the optional program are already saving an average of $150 per year.”

How Does it Work?

First and foremost, the program is an optional program, and is not mandatory. Once drivers have enrolled, they will receive a telematics device that they plug into their car and track driving data.

Once they’ve completed 30 days with the device in their car, Progressive will notify the policyholder and let them know whether or not they are eligible for discounts. Discounts have been known to be as high as 30%!

The device in your car will then be returned to Progressive at renewal time (After the 6-month policy period has expired), and any applicable discounts will then be determined. It’s as simple as that. However, after time has elapsed, Progressive could, in the future, send the device to the policyholder and request that they plug it in to get updated driving habit data.


Worried that if you put this device into your car, your rates will go up? Don’t sweat it. According to Progressive, “Snapshot is voluntary and customers can opt out at any time. It won’t make customers’ rates go up.”

In addition to this, the Snapshot device doesn’t have a built in GPS, it merely gauges how much drivers actually drive, when drivers take their cars out, and how safely they drive. It won’t use the information in unwanted ways.

Policyholders will also be able to login online, and keep track of their driving habits. Knowledge is power, and knowing how your habits are helping or harming you is good information to have.

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