New York Commercial Auto Insurance Becomes More Affordable Under GEICO

Geico has been lowering its rates in several states across the country in recent months. They had press releases announcing cheaper rates in Texas in March and Maryland in May. Now, they have set their sights on New York; this state being the next to see decreased rates on commercial auto insurance from Geico.

Commercial vehicle insurance will cover businesses for their vehicles including cars, trucks, and vans. The only difference from regular auto insurance policies, is that commercial will offer liability coverage and physical damage coverage for situations and things that conventional auto insurance policies don’t normally cover.

When Commercial Insurance Is Needed

According to Geico, sometimes personal insurance policies suffice. However, there are situations when commercial coverage will be needed. For example, if your company is transporting people or goods for a fee, you might find yourself in need of this form of coverage. If what you are transporting is particularly valuable and the liability limits of personal policies don’t cut it, you might need this coverage.

If a corporation or partnership owns the vehicles, or employees will be driving a vehicle, you’ll need this form of coverage. In addition, if the vehicle is carrying a significant amount of cargo past a certain weight limit, this coverage might also be a requirement.

If you’re in doubt, you can always call Geico’s commercial insurance department and be 100% sure at: 1-866-509-9444.

Insurancenewsnetcites John Pham, Geico’s vice president of New York regional operations as saying, “As the largest insurer of personal autos in New York, Geico already has a strong presence in the state. Business owners can now purchase commercial coverage directly through us, which should lead to significantly lower premium rates for many risks. Geico delights in providing competitive insurance with fantastic service, and our commercial insurance products provide even more opportunities for New York insurance consumers to save money.”

It’s also important to familiarize yourself with the auto insurance requirements set forth by your state’s laws. Feel free to visit our website for up to date information on New York Auto Insurance.

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