DTRIC Insurance to Pioneer UBI Insurance Programs in Hawaii

Looking to save money on your car insurance in Hawaii? Everyone is, and now Hawaii has come one step closer to offering options for consumers to save on their auto insurance. Many states are allowing pay-as-you go programs, or in this case usage-based insurance (UBI). This type of program could be of great benefit to a number of people.

Those who have short commutes or commute by bus and use their cars on the weekends would see the most benefit from this. DTRIC Insurance will be the first to implement this program using Akamai Rater’s device.

This device records information useful to insurance companies, mostly a driving behavior. According to the Insurance Journal, the Akamai Rater captures a variety of information including but not limited to: abrupt braking, aggressive driving and speeding, as well the mileage a driver actually drives. It allows insurers to match a policyholder’s rates to their actual driving habits.


Naturally, this kind of program benefits conscientious drivers. While many insurance companies offer safe driver discounts, the information gathered by this program might allow insurers to go a step further and reward truly responsible drivers.

It could also be of great benefit to inexperienced drivers, or drivers looking to improve their habits on the road. Inexperienced drivers, for example, would have access to a feedback of sorts so they can improve.

Drivers with speeding problems or other bad habits could also benefit. The device that keeps track of your driving behavior is a constant reminder that you could be saving more money, the better you drive. The potential savings granted by this program may very well be enough incentive to deter drivers from tailgating or speeding from lane to lane trying to get ahead of the traffic when it isn’t absolutely necessary.


While usage-based insurance might be the newest trend in Hawaii, there are many states that have already implemented it or are in the process of implementing it.

The Insurance Journal states that, “According to a February 2012 survey conducted by Towers Watson, a global professional services company, 89 percent of personal lines insurers surveyed in the U.S. and Canada have implemented or plan to use UBI technology in their insurance rating. UBI technology is already widely used in Europe, where some European vehicle models are being manufactured with the telecommunications devices built-in.”

It is a widely used program; more and more drivers are taking advantage of it. So, if saving on your car insurance is important, be sure to check out up-to-date information on your State’s auto insurance laws.

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