Progressive Expands Benefits for Commercial Policyholders

Progressive car insurance company customers with commercial policies are going to get an upgrade. Keeping up with customer needs is paramount, and Progressive is stepping up to meet the challenge. They are offering a variety of goodies that are sure to keep policyholders happy, including new options and incentive programs.

According to Progressive’s news release, they will be extending the following benefits to commercial and business policyholders.

First and foremost, Progressive will be offering a customer loyalty program. This program is similar to most in that it will reward customers for remaining loyal Progressive customers. Policyholders can see such features as: minor violation forgiveness, accident forgiveness, and specialized claim service.

In addition to this, primary liability limits have been approved in the amounts of $1.5 million and $2 million. This will also extent to UM (Uninsured Motorist) coverage, non-owned coverage, hired auto, and any auto coverage.

Progressive is also adding a personal touch to the line of coverages available to commercial customers. Pet injury coverage will now be available to them. Progressive states, “Progressive provides up to $1,000 to help pay the medical bills for your dog or cat if they’re injured while riding in your covered vehicle.”

New programs offered will include the following:

  • Wholesale route distributors
  • Gas & oil well drilling
  • For hire debris and garbage removal

Progressive will also be covering rental vehicles. If policyholders find their covered vehicles damaged and in the body shop for repairs,  their policies can extend property damage and liability coverage to rental vehicles in the meantime.

Expanded Truck Cargo Coverage will also be available; the news release states, “Progressive has expanded acceptability to include owned goods, increased coverage limits up to $250K and added refrigeration breakdown.”

Lastly, Progressive is extending Financed Value Coverage. This form of coverage will essentially kick in after a policyholder’s car is declared a total loss. It will function similarly to gap coverage in that it will take care of that space in between the loan balance on a given vehicle, and the actual value of the vehicle.

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