Esurance Now Insuring Drivers in Arkansas

Esurance does business in several states, and has begun offering its services to Arkansas drivers. They can now enjoy excellent levels of service , as well as affordable rates. Esurance is known for its large online presence, and its various online tools to help consumers make educated decisions on how much coverage they need.

The coverage counselor is an interactive program that asks the potential customer several questions in order to anticipate the kinds of coverage they might need. After it projects levels of coverage for the user, it gives a brief synopsis of the levels of coverage, and directs the user to a page where they can be quoted, or a number (1-866-568-3635) they can call to get a quote.

According to, Esurance also has a variety of other online tools that help the consumer like: comparison quotes, mobile apps, 24/7 customer service. Esurance also insures policyholders for a number of other things like: motorcycle, health, renters, life, and home insurance.

Discounts, Discounts, Discounts

Esurance offers several enticing discounts to its policyholders.

Are you a student? As with many insurance companies, Esurance offers a good student discount. reports, “or customers with a driver on their policy who is under 25 and maintains a ‘B’ average or better.”

There’s also a discount for policyholders who pay their insurance premiums in one payment, as opposed to monthly payments. They can receive a discount up to 10% of their premium. In addition, policyholders can also get a homeowners discount. Homeowners have been shown to be more responsible drivers by statistics, therefore they pass along the savings to the policyholder.

Multi-car discounts are also available for those who need to insure more than one car in a household.  They have a form of safe driver discount called “Claim-free discount”, which essentially lowers a policyholder’s rates if they haven’t had to file certain claims in the past 5 years.

Like Progressive with their snapshot program, they are allowing a “Drivesense Discount”. This will offer a discount to drivers with a telematics device installed into their car. Depending on their driving habits, they can see up to a 30% reduction on future insurance premiums. Lastly, if you switch to Esurance from another car company, you can qualify for yet another discount.

Learn more about the minimum levels of auto insurance coverage in Arkansas.

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