Alabama Seniors Eligible for Auto Insurance Discount

Everyone needs to meet the minimum auto insurance requirements set forth by their state in order to drive. While there are some states that allow drivers to opt out if they can prove they have sufficient assets to cover the minimum state auto insurance requirements, the majority of drivers cannot. Therefore, auto insurance in Alabama and most other states is a requirement.

It can be a daunting expense pending a long laundry list of potential variables, but insurance companies try to help drivers out. There are quite a few discounts and incentive programs out there designed to encourage desirable driving behavior as well as lower one’s premiums.

Just one such discount is offered to students who get good grades. It’s been statistically proven that students who do well at school tend to be conscientious drivers. Do you have a clean driving history? Generally insurance premiums will go down if you have that label on your license that says “safe driver”.

There are even programs like Progressive’s snapshot program that can substantially lower your premiums. A telematics device is sent to you that you simply plug into your vehicle. It tracks driving behavior, and if you exhibit the behavior the insurer is looking for, your premiums could drop.

Alabama Seniors

Alabama seniors are going to get a break, and will be offered a new discount.  Senior drivers who successfully complete an online driving course can be eligible for a discount.

According to, only classroom-based classes would make you eligible for this discount. The new changes will allow seniors to qualify with online classes. In addition to this, the minimum amount of time necessary to be eligible for the discount is 6 hours, dropping from 8.

Currently, drivers over the age of 55 are eligible for lower premiums thanks to this change. “Such courses generally test the abilities of older drivers, especially eyesight and defensive driving. Over time, motorists’ bad habits are reinforced and those courses familiarize elderly drivers with proper rules of the road again.”

The changes went into effect last month on August 1st. So, if you’re looking for ways to save on auto insurance, now is a good time to keep up to date with your state’s minimum requirements and look for ways to save in AL.

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