West Virginia Gearing Up with Insurance Verification Program

Regulations regarding uninsured drivers are about to get tougher in West Virginia. It’s a well-known fact that drivers in most states cannot get behind the wheel unless they’re insured. However, people do it anyways for various reasons. The new auto insurance verification program that West Virginia legislators have approved attempts to make it more difficult for drivers to remain uninsured.

The electronic database will essentially let the court and law enforcement officials verify a driver’s proof of coverage with a given insurance company. According to NewsandSentinel, the program will require drivers to provide proof of insurance when they renew their car registrations. These regulations were passed in 2010; although, they won’t take effect until 2014. They are, however, beginning to collect information, but at this point, any information sharing in that regard is purely voluntary.

Natalie Harvey, public information director with the West Virginia Dept. of Motor Vehicles said, “We are gathering information from customers and insurance companies to make it as complete a program as possible. We are now asking, but not yet requiring, customers when they come in to do any vehicle registration transaction, to bring in a copy of their insurance certificate. We can still renew the card and it will still be fine without it right now. But we are asking for their help. If you have that information with you, we can input it now, it’s a convenience for the customers.”

Good Things to Come

So, you have always carried insurance and you’re a conscientious driver. Does this change anything for you? Not insured and want learn more about WV vehicle insurance requirements? Visit AutoinsuranceEZ website.

Actually, it does a lot for you. According to the Insurance Journal, it would also help lower your insurance rates. About 8% of West Virginia drivers were uninsured in 2007. This electronic database should cut back on the number of uninsured drivers out there. It will suddenly become less of a risk to insure West Virginia drivers, when there are fewer uninsured drivers on the road. Drivers will no longer be able to renew their car registrations if they can’t provide proof of financial responsibility.

In addition to that small perk, the streets will also be safer. While uninsured motorist coverage is an option, it is not a requirement by West Virginia law. Many people just carry the bare minimum necessary to comply with state standards. Should they find themselves in an accident with someone that doesn’t have insurance, they may not be able to recover any of the damages inflicted on them.

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