Louisiana to Get Tougher on Uninsured

HB 1053 is going to impose harsher penalties on drivers that have no proof of insurance. Louisiana car insurance legislation currently allows drivers who are first time offenders to get away with only a  traffic ticket and the ability to provide proof of insurance in a 72 hour time period. After the first offense, law officers are given discretion on whether or not to tow away an offender’s car. Towing is, however, allowed if the car or driver are considered a danger.

The new bill, taking effect on August 1, 2012, will remove the five year ban that prohibits car towing for first time offenders.

Nola.com states, “Garofalo said police agencies have no way to track how may times a vehicle is cited for lacking proof of insurance, so the existing law is not workable. He said more than 869,000 vehicles, out of the 3.3 million registered, are on Louisiana highways with no insurance.”

Uninsured drivers are a very big issue in the State of Louisiana, and this law takes aim with harsher penalties for those who are unable to provide proof. The risk of car impoundment is very real, and should serve to make people think twice about not complying with the law.

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Changes to Appellate Jurisdiction

Also signed into law is HB 873, also to take

effect August 1st. This law will afford the Traffic Court jurisdiction over appellate cases for traffic camera violations. According to Nola.com, the bill will give Traffic

Court the jurisdiction to hear the first appeal of an adverse ruling. If the matter is not resolved to the appellant’s satisfaction, it can be sent to the city courts, where it will be reviewed further. “The city courts are small-claims courts now where litigants can represent themselves.”

Furthermore, until this law takes effect, the only way to appeal is filing a lawsuit to have the tickets dismissed. Unfortunately, doing so can sometimes cost more than just paying the fine, itself.

This law should make it simpler and less costly for appellants to get their cases heard.

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